Title: borders, 2021

Medium: Multimedia Installation

Large Scale Projection: borders/world 1, 15:48min

16mm Black & White film: borders/world 2, 3:00min

Borders, 2021 is a multi media installation compromising of a large scale projection, 3 CRT TVs and 2 hanging sculptures with projections. In its current install it is spread between two spaces, the Stephen Lawrence Gallery and the Project Space at the University of Greenwich .

Borders is a dive into the invisible boundaries that exist between different realms of existence. It situates characters in distinctly other worlds and confines them within, making it uneasy for the viewer to observe as they become entrapped in an ever ending loop of unreality and aprehension 

It uses both natural and artificial light as well as 16mm film and special effect achieved through the use of a green screen. These choices of materials and practice are carefully chosen to communicate the concept as thoroughly as possible and not only immerse the viewer but confront them through make them question the thin lines that exist between differentiating these aspects of the work. Simultaniously questioning the reality that exists within the environements as well as the one that they exist within.  

In particular, borders/world1 builds an intimate connection with the viewer through the large scale projection. The light it emits draws one into the universe the character exists within and situates them at a somewhat unconventional and unusual perspective; one which could not be experienced elsewhere.  Meanwhile borders/world2 (black and white, 16mm film) does the opposite. It creates distance between the protagonist and the viewer, it doesn’t allow them to enter into the given realm but rather leads them on a journey from a more restricted perspective. Seemingly confusing and disorienting as the narrative chaotically carries the viewer between 3 screens, teasing the notion of a narrative. 

Borders as a whole portrays worlds where time operates on a different level. It present alrernate realities which operate on different timelines. These realms cross over through the use of sculptures called portals, spread within the space. As these worlds collide, realities are destabalized and the viewers are left in a limbo of questioning the environemnts and their authentic realities.